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August 31, 2014


Willis Stallings—possible hernia, ultrasound inconclusive, more tests

Danny Andersen—suffering from possible allergies

Kimberly Dunlap—suffering from a fractured thumb

Sandra Mayo—she is suffering from diverticulitis, to have more tests done

David Seegar—suffered mini-stroke recently, having recurrences, medications conflicting, diagnosed w/Alzheimer’s

Evelyn Duncan—she is suffering from pinched nerve

Kathleen Hall—to have cataract surgery September 17

Ron Burkhart—suffering from diverticulitis, taking antibiotic; last test counts went down from 73 to 64

Ray Perkins—taking medication for a few months to correct his esophagus muscles, injured shoulder



Orlando Puertas—his mother w/dementia, his niece taking treatments

Mike Toney’s brother to have another transplant

Bro. Sam Burks—losing his eyesight

Bro. Max Strozier—suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, doing better

Dr. Dan Reed—suffering from Fabry’s Disease, having heart problems

Dr. Glenn Anderson—recovering from broken hip

Dr. Kenny McComas—suffering from severe diverticulitis


Pastor/Linda Anderson’s requestsHeather Filson (his aunt—her father passed away)Wanda Patterson

        (physical problems); Lauren Goddard (MS, possible cancer, doing better); Sarah Anderson (unspoken)

Ron/Debbie Burkhart ‘s requestsDavid Dunn (possible bone & pancreatic cancer); her father w/ broken leg

Rebekah Burkhart’s requestsKnickenbockers (had first child, died shortly after); Mrs. Grogan (brain disease)

Larry/Colleen Dewey’s requestsNick Wetzbarger (her brother w/spiritual needs)

Colin/Evelyn  Duncan’s requestsReggie Duncan (his brother w/leg surgery Sept 17);  Selma Duncan (his

         mother w/ physical problems); his house to sell 

David/Kathy Evans’ requestsSteele (her 2-year-old great-nephew suffered loss of toes and severe cuts w/

         lawnmower); Juanita Reese out of coma, responding; Peggy Thornton

Elizabeth Fields’ requests:  Ashley Jones (her great-niece w/ severe mono)

Robert/Melissa Hogan’s requestsKathy Miller (suffering from aneurysm); Donna Castleberry (needs strength)

Maxine Kimbell’s requests:  Earlene Jordan (her sister w/ aneurysm, blockage, cannot do surgery)

Sam/Teresa Millians’ requests:  Baxter family (lost 6-year-old child); James Parr (her father w/ physical problems)

William/Sharon Murphy’s requests:   Marlene Tyndall (back pain); Billy Murphy (their son w/ physical

         problems);  her uncle, Bill, w/Alzheimer’s; Isaac Zujkowski (her great–grandson w/ Cerebral Palsy) 

Jim/Maggie Panepento’s requests:  Jennifer Blake (her son passed away)

Ray/Laura Perkins’ requestshis stepmother suffered a stroke, has found tumor in brain, to have surgery

Caleb Plowman’s requests:  his boss’s mother w/ physical problems

John/Nancy Plowman’s requestshis boss recovering from spider bite: Betty Plowman (his mother fell, broke

         bone at top of shoulder); Will Requardt (her nephew w/ broken ankle); her mother trouble w/ medication

Gail Rowlett’s requestsJoyce (her daughter, found she has diabetes); Keith Lee (her brother w/ swollen legs);

         uncle, J.E., and sister, Janet, physical problems

Willis/Judy Stallings’ requests:  Ann Griffith (her sister-in-law, found 3 spots on lung)

Tammy Stover’s requestsDillon (her 13-year-old cousin had leg removed due to cancer, now cancer is in his

          arm); Dean Northcutt (her father w/ health issues); Gerald & Lee Atkinson (physical problems)

Roger/Shirley Watson’s requests:  Taylor (his grandson to have brain surgery)

Dwight/Cathy Winkley’s requests:  Amanda Weinhold (his cousin physical problems); Tim Tozer (his friend w/

          physical problems); Gail Gurger (his mother)


Newnan Christian School

Sale of Bethany House (pray for removal of all impediments)


 CancerBob Thompson (to continue chemo); Kathleen Hall (no need for chemo); Larry Perkins; Clay Saunders (Jenny Thompson’s father); Lela Reece (Odessa Fields’ sister); Billy Murphy (Odessa Fields’); Art Holbrook, Rose Harbeck (Mark Hall); Courtney Geirston (Winkleys); Riley Speed (Sally Spivey); Priscilla Johnson (Gail Johnson); Mary Ann Bockman; Tammy Wong, Jesse Burkhart (Burkharts); Carolyn Whittenburg  (Linda Anderson’); Linda Nix (Patricia Seegar); Sharon Enzulos, Lolly Holloway (Rebekah Burkhart’); Randy Umberger (Ken Clary’s son-in-law); Diane Lenn (Sally Spivey); Joshua Duncan (Colin Duncan); Larry Eason; Teresa (Sandra Mayo’s sister); Aloe Filson (Pastor Anderson’s cousin’s wife); Jeff Worley (Burkharts); Tammy Stover’s cousin, Dillon; Jerry Mayo (lung cancer, cancer in liver); Libby (Cathy Winkley’s aunt), severe reaction to chemo; Mike Laster (Sam Millians); Mrs. Sweeney (Nancy Plowman)

Expectant MothersAshley Thornton (Kathy Evans)

MilitaryJohn Carney (missionary’s son); Ryan Collins; Matt Twitty, Mark Bruce (Kathy Evans); Scott Hudson, Heather Zujkowski (Sharon Murphy’s grandson, granddaughter); Jimmy Juby (Cathy Winkley’s nephew); Clint Driggers (Tammy Stover); James Pettus;  David Kasulas (Sam Millians)

College StudentsDaniel Burkhart, Dione Gould;  Joe Hogan, John Hogan, Caleb Plowman; Patricia Seegar,

Danielle Winkley, Jeremiah Winkley

General RequestsTrenton (Jenny Thompson’s son); Nancy Plowman’s family regarding her mother’s house;   Sean Plowman and Patricia Seegar to wed in November; Bro. Colin Duncan’s radio broadcast; Mike Toney’s ministry

Unspoken requestsPastor Anderson (2); John Anderson; Linda Anderson; Debbie Burkhart; Rebekah Burkhart (2); Ron Burkhart; Ken Clary; Wayne Cook; Colleen Dewey; Kathy Evans (2); Elizabeth Fields; Ryan Fields; Mark Hall; Sandra Mayo; Sam Millians; Teresa  Millians;  Sharon  Murphy;  Orlando & Aurora Puertas re: son, grandson;  Jim Panepento;  Nancy Plowman; Steve Shelley;   Tammy Stover;  Jenny Thompson; Amber Wallace; Bill Wallace; Roger Watson; Dwight Winkley (2); Cathy Winkley

TravelingGail Johnson