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December 8, 2013
Mildred Denney—will be needing a pacemaker soon
Brianna Oliver—having problems w/ gall bladder
Debbie Burkhart—suffering from torn ligaments
Marynelle Cook—recovering after knee replacement surgery, outpatient therapy
Henry Gravitt—recovering from hernia surgery
Ron Burkhart—recovering from back surgery—his counts 93 at last test
Colleen Dewey—she has blood clot in leg
Vivian Gravitt—suffering from Alzheimer’s
Ray Perkins—taking medication for a few months to correct his esophagus muscles
Youlkwan Sung’s grandmother—suffering from broken ankle
Mrs. Donnie Pollard—fell and broke her hip in three places
Dr. Raymond Hancock and family—Mrs. Nell Hancock passed away
Lori Mahagan (Dwight Winkley) - problems w/ foot
Teresa—Sandra Mayo’s sister—recovering from congestive heart failure, taking medication, changing diet
Faye Dykes (Andersons) - suffering from bulging disc
Lolly Holloway (Rebekah Burkhart) - her mother passed away w/ cancer and she found she has same cancer
Angie Clark—Jeff Vance’s sister w/ hip problems
Betty Randall—wife of Dr. Gary Randall—recovering form accident injuries
Greg Oliver’s father, Greg Oliver, Sr., w/ health issues
Zach Vinson—Heather Wallace’s 20-year-old half-brother w/heart problems
Pastor/Linda Anderson’s requests: Renee McDaniel (her cousin w/ physical problems); Mary Ann Overby (his
          aunt w/serious physical problems); Billy Filson (his uncle w/knee replacement joint infection)
Larry/Colleen Dewey’s requests: Nathan Bice (their son-in-law recovering from surgical procedure done);
          Esther Dewey (having problems w/high blood pressure); Roxie Birdell (his coworker w/ problem in neck &
           jaw); Mary Heck (his sister w/diabetic wound on foot); Nick Wetzbarger (her brother w/spiritual needs); Sue
           Townsend’s nephew, Brian, awaiting heart transplant
Colin/Evelyn Duncan’s requestsSelma Duncan (his mother w/physical problems); his house to sell in Greene Co
David/Kathy Evans’ requestsher mother, Evelyn Ferron, was suffering from flu, doing much better;
           Jim Wickline (her brother-in-law recovering from skin cancer surgery); Betty Ramsey (fluid in lungs);
           Juanita Reese out of coma; Ron & Peggy Thornton
William/Sharon Murphy’s requests: Grace Wingo; Andi Kidd’s husband’s leg swollen; Isaac Zujkowski (her great
          grandson suffering from seizures; her uncle, Bill, last stages of Alzheimer’s; Billy Murphy (his son
          w/ Lupus)
Ray/Laura Perkins’ requests: his father (biopsy inconclusive, to be redone again)
John/Nancy Plowman’s requestsher mother to have tests; his mother w/ physical problems
Gail Rowlett’s requestsher aunt, Kathleen, suffering from broken bones; her sister, Janet, w/ physical problems
Tammy Stover’s requestsDean Northcutt (her father w/ blood sugar problems); her mother, stepfather (Gerald
          Atkinson) w/ physical problems
Mike/Amber Wallace’s requests: her father recovering from emergency surgery; Shana (her friend w/
          unborn child who has spot on brain);Wanda Hatcher (her coworker to have lung transplant); James (her
          uncle had tests to determine when to have surgery)
Dwight/Cathy Winkley’s requests: Bob O’Brian (heart bypass recovery); Lori Mahagan (problems w/ foot)
Bill Ozmore (Wayne Cook) - suffering from three brain aneurysms
Taylor Watson—Roger Watson’s grandson—having brain surgery after school year to correct seizures
Danny Huckeba’s niece—found she only has one kidney
Newnan Christian School
Sale of Bethany House (awaiting legal disposition)
CancerKathleen Hall (non-aggressive lymphoma); Elma Stallings; Allen Doyle; Benny Jones (Elizabeth Fields’ father); Mark Tidwell; Phylis Oliver; Francis Stowell; Terry Plowman(John Plowman’s brother) Larry Perkins; Clay Saunders (Jenny Thompson’s father); Lela Reece (Odessa Fields’ sister); Jane (Melissa Hogan’s coworker); Chris Edwards (John Plowman’s cousin); Art Holbrook (Mark Hall); Michelle Whitney; Rose Harbeck (Mark Hall’s aunt); Riley Speed (Sally Spivey); Daniel Nelson (Bernice Polanco); Marilyn Stone (Mike Toney); Ann Griffith (Judy Stallings’ sister-in-law); Tom Welborn (Murphy); Priscilla Johnson (Gail Johnson’s friend); Mary Ann Bockman; Rhonda Morgan; Elizabeth Dietrich (Heather Wallace); Lolly Holloway (Rebekah Burkhart); Ray Norton(Burkharts’ friend); Carolyn Whittenburg (L. Anderson’s aunt)
JobsDestina Andersen; Aarion Hughes; Tammy Stover; Bryan Liebert; Mike Toney
Expectant Mothers—Charlote Nealy (Tammy Stover); Jenny Juby (Cathy Winkley); Cherie Pecynski (Kathy Evans); Savanna (Mike Toney’s niece); Stephanie Rowlett Lowrie (Gail Rowlett’s daughter)
MilitaryJohn Carney (missionary’s son); Jerry Kaiser III, Ryan Collins; Matt Twitty (Kathy Evans); Scott Hudson (Sharon Murphy’s grandson); Jimmy Juby (Cathy Winkley’s nephew); Clint Driggers (Tammy Stover); James Pettus;  Mark Bruce (Kathy Evans); David Kasulas (Sam Millians)
College Students: Daniel Burkhart, Dione Gould; John Hogan, Patricia Seegar, Danielle Winkley
General Requests—Trenton (Jenny Thompson’s son); Mike Toney needs a vehicle; Charles McWilliams; Jamie James family (Murphy, Toney); Skip Ferron (Kathy Evans’ brother on missions trip)David & Jim McWilliams (Charles McWilliams’ brothers); Joe Mitchell (family situation)
Unspoken requests: Ryan Fields; Amber Wallace, Mildred Denney; Kathy Evans; Sandra Mayo; Jim Panepento, Sam Millians, the Deweys, Dwight Winkley; Devin & Mandy Roberts, James Adcock, Devin Mercer, Ken Clary; Mark Hall; Pastor Anderson; Tammy StoverNancy Plowman