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October 19, 2014



Larry Dewey—waiting on results of tests

Heather Wallace—having knee problem

Evelyn Duncan—she is recovering from surgery on digestive system, has had some problems

William Murphy—he will be having cataract surgery October 29

William Murphy—his uncle, Pete Parker, passed away

Rebekah Burkhart—oral surgeon on October 21, inflammation in back, taking medication

Orlando Puertas—dealing w/ severe back pain

Mike Wallace—to wear heart monitor for several weeks

Wayne Cook—in poor health

David Seegar—suffered mini-stroke recently, having recurrences, medications conflicting, diagnosed w/Alzheimer’s

Ron Burkhart—last test counts went up from 64 to 78!

Ray Perkins—taking medication for a few months to correct his esophagus muscles



G.T. & Regina Amell—he has heart problems, she w/severe arthritis

Zach McKinney—recovering from surgery, went back to work, unable to use left thumb

Mike Toney’s requests:  his mother w/ physical problems; his brother to have another transplant


Pastor/Linda Anderson’s requests: Titus Anderson (their grandson w/hairline ankle fracture, wearing a boot)

Ron/Debbie Burkhart ‘s requestsDavid Dunn (possible cancer)

Colin/Evelyn  Duncan’s requestsReggie Duncan (his brother to have cataract surgery this month); Selma

         Duncan (his mother w/ physical problems); his house to sell 

David/Kathy Evans’ requestsSteele (her 2-year-old great-nephew, recovering from loss of toes and severe

         cuts w/lawnmower); Juanita Reese out of coma, responding; Peggy Thornton

Robert/Melissa Hogan’s requestsKathy Miller (suffering from aneurysm); Donna Castleberry (needs strength)

Gail Johnson’s requestsTammy (her coworker w/physical problems)

Sam/Teresa Millians’ requests:  the family of Mike Laster (he passed away); James Parr (her father w/ physical

          problems); the Baxter family struggling after death of their 6-year-old child

William/Sharon Murphy’s requests:  Tony Shelnutt (his friend w/serious physical problems); Billy Murphy (son

          w/esophagus problems); her uncle, Bill, w/Alzheimer’s; Isaac Zujkowski (her great–grandson w/cerebral palsy) 

Greg/Corinne Oliver’s requests: Brianna recovering from serious insect bite

Jim/Maggie Panepento’s requests: Liz (her sister w/numbness to extremities, cannot pinpoint problem))

Ray/Laura Perkins’ requestshis stepmother recovering from brain surgery, has pulmonary embolism

John/Nancy Plowman’s requests:  Sue Harris (personal issues); both mothers w/ physical problems

Sean Plowman’s requests:  Steven Noell (coworker w/pulled muscle in his back)

Orlando/Aurora Puertas’ requestshis mother w/dementia, his niece

Gail Rowlett’s requestsJohn Lee (her brother w/ swollen legs)uncle, J.E., and sister, Janet, physical problems

David/Heather Wallace’s requestsScelee Youngblood (her grandmother in poor health)

Mike/Amber Wallace’s requests:  the Bishop family (Mr. Bishop passed away); her father to have knee surgery


Our nation and its leaders

Newnan Christian School

Sale of Bethany House (pray for removal of all impediments)


 CancerBob Thompson (to continue chemo); Kathleen Hall; Lela Reece (Odessa Fields’ sister); Priscilla Johnson (Gail Johnson); Larry Eason (Jim Panepento); Aloe Filson (Pastor Anderson’s cousin’s wife); Jeff Worley (Burkharts); Tammy Stover’s 13-year-oldcousin, Dillon (doctors say nothing can be done); Jerry Mayo (experimental cancer treatments, irritating his lungs); Libby (Cathy Winkley’s aunt, having difficulty); Mrs. Sweeney (Nancy Plowman); Beverly Anderson (Melissa  Hogan’); Joe Zujkowski (Sharon Murphy); Ophelia Ellis (Andersons); Aarion Hughes’ aunt; Bill (Mike Toney’); Ann Griffith (Judy Stallings’ sister-in-law); Wayne Bryan (Maxine Kimbell’s cousin); Leon Kaye (Judy Stallings’ brother-in-law)

Expectant MothersKristen Youngblood & Sarah Floyd (Floyds’ daughter, daughter-in-law)

MilitaryJohn Carney (missionary’s son); Ryan Collins; Matt Twitty, Mark Bruce (Kathy Evans); Scott Hudson, Heather Zujkowski (Sharon Murphy’s grandson, granddaughter); Jimmy Juby (Cathy Winkley’s nephew); Clint Driggers (Tammy Stover); James Pettus;  David Kasulas (Sam Millians)

College StudentsDaniel Burkhart, Dione Gould;  Joe Hogan, John Hogan, Caleb Plowman; Patricia Seegar,

Danielle Winkley, Jeremiah Winkley

General RequestsTrenton (Jenny Thompson’s son); Nancy Plowman’s family regarding her mother’s living

arrangements;   Sean Plowman and Patricia Seegar to wed in November; Bro. Colin Duncan’s radio broadcast; Lori Jackson (John Plowman’s missionary cousin in Ukraine, has had many of her friends killed); Mike Toney’s requests for his ministry and for Angel (recently saved) and Sergio; Danielle Winkley’s friend, Amber, w/family problems; Danny Murphy (Murphys’ son that he will get disability settlement);  Kensinco family (Millians) trying to adopt

Unspoken requestsPastor Anderson (2); Linda Anderson; Debbie Burkhart; Rebekah Burkhart (2); Ron Burkhart;  Wayne Cook; Colleen Dewey (2); Kathy Evans (2); Elizabeth Fields; Mark Hall; Dan Kemper; Sandra Mayo; Sam Millians; Teresa Millians;  Sharon  Murphy;  the Puertas;  Jim Panepento;  Nancy Plowman (2); Sean Plowman; Steve Shelley;   Tammy Stover;  Jenny Thompson; Amber Wallace; Bill Wallace; Roger Watson; Dwight Winkley (2); Cathy Winkley