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Bible Baptist Church Prayersheet

April 8, 2015


II Timothy 2:1-2   “I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; for kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.”

Pray for national, state, and local leaders



New Requests:

-Seth Bice (Deweys) – had surgery today to remove

     cancerous lymph nodes

-Marvin Camp (Duncan) – congestive heart failure

-Kay Duncan (Duncan) – knee injury

-Reggie Duncan (Duncan) – excess fluid on leg from operation

-Julia Hall –wearing boots on both feet

-Lisa (Winkley) – ruptured spleen

-James Parr family (Millians) – personal needs

-Tom Pearson – to have more treatments for his back

-Caleb Plowman – for his platoon to work together as team

     during this last phase

-Orlando Puertas – traction twice a week for back pain, hearing

      problems getting worse

-Clay Saunders (Thompson) – torn retina, having surgery April 24

-Mike & Amber Wallace – having tests done



-Colin Duncan – his mother, Selma Duncan, passed away

-Evelyn Duncan – family member passed away

-The family of Roy Smallwood (Grace) – in his death


Unsaved Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances

Bailey (Johnson), Connie Booten (Seegar), Ron Bourke (Mark/Kathleen Hall), Daniel (Millians),Wilbur Dile (Burkharts),

Amy Donaldson (Olivers), Eric & Christine Fields, Anthony Fretwell (Joiner), Bob Friye (Deweys), Gina Gunn (Mayo), Jason Jackson (Rowlett), Bennie Jones, Jr. (Hogans),Thania Junkaew (Pastor), Lakwani family (Pastor), Lynda Lawrence, Linda and Lisa (Whitlock), Maggie Long, Charles Moore (Evans), Thierry/Marie Jeanne Moukiama (Andersen), Danny Murphy (Murphys), Dean Northcutt (Stover), Ed Pickering (Winkleys), Noel Poirier (Burkharts), Larry Rowlett family (Rowlett), Susan (Johnson), Matt/Ashley Thornton (Evans), Peggy Thornton (Evans),Dorothy Wetzbarger (Deweys), Darrell and Dwayne Winkley (Winkleys)


Spiritual Needs:

Brooke (Johnson), Jessie Brown (new Christian), Zach Carey (Winkley), Kelly Ferron (Evans), Jay/Meredith Hall (Mark/Kathleen Hall), Britt/Ellen Hall (Mark/Kathleen Hall), Mary Heck (Deweys), Colby Johnson (Johnson), Jim Johnson (Johnson), Ace/Earlene Jordan (Kimbell), Jerry Mayo, Devin Mercer (Pastor), Tyler Nichols (new Christian), Hugh/Patricia Norris (Murphys), Phil Northcutt (Stover), Jimmy Palmer (Olivers), Luis Polanco (Polanco), J.P. Puertas, Brandon Rice (new Christian), Marvin/Sue Townsend (Deweys), Dean and Nick Wetzbarger (Deweys)



Ann Griffith (Stallings) – cancer

Kayla Hodges (Winkley) – suicide attempt

Leon Kaye (Stallings) – cancer

Anthony Pyle (Mayo) – constant fever after surgery

Jan Thigpen (Johnson) – intestinal blockage

Cathy Winkley’s friend’s daughter – excess fluid around heart


Physical Needs:

Pastor Anderson – cardiac rehab

Loretta Austin (Plowman) – physical problems

Evelyn Duncan – having problems w/right hand, hip

Evelyn Ferron (Evans) – received good report

Gardner family (Winkley, Panepento) – mother in hospice

Ace/Earlene Jordan (Kimbell) – physical problems

Preacher Charlie Marshall – very ill

Sharon Murphy – seeing orthopedic doctor for back

Betty Plowman (Plowman) – in rehab, losing weight

Orlando Puertas’ mother – dementia getting worse

Tommy Shaddix (Plowman) – suffered a stroke

Jasmine Stephenson (Polanco) – suffered stroke

Susie (Denney) – physical problems

Shirley Watson – back problems

Buddy Wolfe (Rowlett) – surgery recovery

Isaac Zujkowski – cerebral palsy


Expectant Mothers:

Chelsea Plowman (Plowmans)



Diana Adamo (Puertas), Beverly Anderson (Hogans), Nathan Beasley’s father (Winkley), Gwen Couch (Duncan), Dillon (Stover), Larry Eason (Panepentos),  Kelsey George (Walker), Kathleen Hall, Becky Houpert, Priscilla Johnson (Johnson),  Libby (Winkley), Jerry Mayo-cancer worsened, Shawn O’Keefe (Oliver), Larisse Oliver (Andersons), Libby (Winkley), Denise Palmour (Hughes), Roger Prillhart, Lela Reese (Odessa Fields), Mrs. Sweeney (Plowmans), Tara (Wallace), Randy Umberger (Andersons), Kenneth Watson (Duncan), Joe Zujkowski (Murphys)



Michael Anderson, Ron Burkhart (job situation), Melissa Hogan, Dwight Winkley (needs work)



Mark Bruce, John Carney, Ryan Collins, Clint Driggers, Scott Hudson, Jimmy Juby, David Kasulas, James Pettus, Caleb Plowman, Matt Twitty, Heather Zujkowski


 College Students:

 Daniel Burkhart, Jerald Dewveall, Dione Gould,  Joe Hogan, John Hogan, Patricia Plowman, Danielle Winkley, Jeremiah Winkley


Those who God has called to other ministries: 

John & Sara Anderson –  Pinecrest Baptist Church, McDonough, GA; Becky Anderson – Fairview Baptist Church, Athens, TN; Sarah Anderson – Lancaster Baptist Church,  Lancaster, CA; Barnes Evangelistic Ministries; Steve & Stephanie Bates – Bible Baptist Church, Nashua, NH; Nathan & Michele Bice – Eddyville Community Church, Eddyville, OR; Jay & Susie Brandon – missionaries in New York City; Derek & Esther Dewey – Faith Baptist Church, Meeker, CO; Shanna Edel – King’s Way Baptist Church, Douglasville, GA;  Tim & Kristi Mitchell – Glenwood Park Baptist Church, Knoxville, TN; Michael & Rachel Plowman – Liberty Baptist Church, Lyons, GA; Paul & Jodi Rowe – Faith Community Baptist Church, Garfield Heights, OH; Bridget Rowlett – South Haven Christian School, Valparaiso, IN;   Joe & Heather Shepherd – Calvary Baptist Church, Fairfield, CA; David & Elisabeth Thomasson – Eastside Baptist Church, Greenwood, SC


 General Requests:

Anastasia (Olivers), Bro. Colin Duncan’s radio broadcast, Skip Ferron (Evans) to be on missions trip to Peru and Kenya in April, Lori Jackson ( Plowmans), Kensinco family (Millians), James Parr family (Millians), Trenton (Thompson), Keith Walls (Murphy)

Tri-County Baptist Church Prayersheet

April 8, 2015



New Requests:

-Richard Collier – at home

-Missionary Don Drake – recovering from oral surgery

-Tom Joiner – recovering from oral surgery

-Mary Lou (Cook) – back trouble

-Pastor Lynn McClain – recovering from hip replacement surgery

-Kate Odom – not doing well

-Jeff Pope – emergency heart surgery

-Darry Walker, Jr. – having more tests done






-The Brett Davis family in his death

-The Edward Davis family in his death

-The family of Bob Goldie in his death (Whitlock)





Sick In hospital:

-Alton Midgett Jr. – recovering from surgery




Physical Needs:

Frank Acworth, Rita Adcock, Stephanie Brown, John Burnette, Juanita Butler, Terry Casper, Alan Duck, Jerry Farmer (Tom), David Gipson, Ava Harris, Harry/Marion Hay, James Howell, Tom Joiner, Steve Martin, Benjamin McEver, Barbara Norton, Kim Padgett, Randy Padgett, Jerry Pike, Patricia Raddatz (Tom), Minnie Smith, Darrell Thompson, Dwayne Thompson (Byrom),  Darry Walker, Louise Wilbanks






Angelia Adcock, Janice Ball, Joey Bigler, Chester Blevins, Nancy Blevins, James Britt, Rob Brooks (Carrie T.), Judy Burdette,
Ann Byrom, Joey Calderon (Hannah S.), Sylvia Campas’ mother, Chris Chandler (Tom), Ken Chitwood, Richard Coker, Cathy Criswell, Anita Dalton, Tommy Drake, Vicky Fisher, Patricia Gerard (Tom), Jill Horton (Tom), Carla Joiner, Charlie Jones, Loretta Jones, Lisa Laial (Joiner),  Frank/Linda Lewis (Tom), Charles McMichen, Tara Meadows, Charles Padgett (serious), Pamela Shields, Sue Sims, Cindy Smith (Tom), Jeanetta Taylor, Carrie Thompson, John Tidmore (Tony),Katie Watkins, Lisa Whitlock, Tony Wilbanks (in remission), Rose Wiggins





Extended Illness:

Milo Bently, Trey Bradbury, Terry Burdette, Debra Calhoun, Terry Casper, Martha Clark, Betty Cline, Melinda Cole, Ann Cooper, Joy Fretwell, Donnie Harrison, Judy Holt, Bob Kotz, Betty Ledbetter, Linda Minix, Michael Myers, Barbara Norton, Kate Odom, Donnie Padgett, Josh Padgett, Bill Redmond, Pearl Reeves, Allen Rice, Carl Smith, Minnie Smith, Lynn Steele, Brian Todd (James D), Sam Vaughn, Teresa Washington, Mark/Charlene Whitlock








Jane Banks, Hubert & Joanne Bell, Pearl Duck, John Fields, Virginia Fields, James Jones, LuLu Jones, Lois McBride,       Cleo McElwee, Rita Rogers, Ruby Weems





Special Needs:

The Brewer family, Melinda Brockman, Maurice Brown, Jason/Charlotte Buice, Tim Byrom, E.C. Chatham/Ken Heinzel, Brenda Davison, Hazel Holcomb, Ricky Holloway, Wes Huddleston, Patricia Joiner (caregiver), John & Rachael Kennedy, Thomas Kennedy, Robert Reese, Jason Tuten, Anne Walker






Bob Camp, Josh Caudill, Jack Cline, Jr., Adam Cloud, George Cloud, Brett Day, Duran Fisher, Brandon Gable, Brandon Hardy, Mike Kendall, Chuck Kurz, Zach Lane, Michael McCain, Mark Moberly, Caleb Plowman, Benjamin Rogers,  Brad Shelton, Charles Smith, Brian Tignor





Missionaries of the Week:

Atlanta City Baptist Rescue Mission

Aaron & Jillian Bashore - Morocco





Church of the Week: