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September 28, 2014



Rebekah Burkhart—to see oral surgeon on October 14, possible TMJ

Orlando Puertas—dealing w/ severe back pain

Mike Wallace—going to cardiologist October 1

Austin Stover—suffered concussion, experiencing headaches

Wayne Cook—in poor health

Brianna Oliver—recovering from stress fracture in her right ankle

David Seegar—suffered mini-stroke recently, having recurrences, medications conflicting, diagnosed w/Alzheimer’s

Evelyn Duncan—she is suffering from pinched nerve, undergoing therapy, possible surgery

Ron Burkhart—last test counts went up from 64 to 78!

Ray Perkins—taking medication for a few months to correct his esophagus muscles



G.T. & Regina Amell—he has heart problems, she w/severe arthritis

The Baxter family (Millians) - struggling after death of their 6-year-old child

Zach McKinney—broken arm, hand, facial lacerations from motorcycle accident, recovering from surgery

Tony Landers (Deweys) - in rehab, unable to use his legs

Orlando/Aurora Puertas—his mother w/dementia, his niece

Mike Toney’s requests:  his mother w/ physical problems; his brother to have another transplant

Bro. Max Strozier—suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, doing better


Ron/Debbie Burkhart ‘s requestsJackie (her friend surgery recovery); David Dunn (possible cancer)

Larry/Colleen Dewey’s requestsGarrison Santi (9-year-old, fell from bunkbed, brain surgery, 2 blood clots,   


Colin/Evelyn  Duncan’s requestsReggie Duncan (his brother surgery recovery, cataract surgery Sept 29)

         Kaye Duncan (sister-in-law w/ broken knee); Selma Duncan (his mother w/ physical problems); his house to sell 

David/Kathy Evans’ requestsSteele (her 2-year-old great-nephew in ICU, suffered loss of toes and severe cuts

         w/lawnmower); Juanita Reese out of coma, responding; Peggy Thornton

Robert/Melissa Hogan’s requestsKathy Miller (suffering from aneurysm); Donna Castleberry (needs strength)

Sam/Teresa Millians’ requests:  James Parr (her father w/ physical problems)

William/Sharon Murphy’s requests:  Billy Murphy (son sent home w/heart monitor); her uncle, Bill, w/Alzheimer’s;

         Isaac Zujkowski (her great–grandson w/ Cerebral Palsy, seizures, maybe surgery) 

Jim/Maggie Panepento’s requests: Sammy w/strep throat; Liz (her sister suffering w/numbness to extremities)

Ray/Laura Perkins’ requestshis stepmother recovering from 8-hour brain surgery, in ICU, doing well

John/Nancy Plowman’s requests:  Andrew (recovering from oral surgery); Betty Plowman (his mother w/phys problems)

Orlando/Aurora Puertas’ requestshis mother w/dementia, his niece

Gail Rowlett’s requestsJackie Lowrie (replaced defibrillator); John Lee (her brother w/ swollen legs)

         uncle, J.E., and sister, Janet, physical problems

Bill/Norma Wallace’s requests:  Louise Knight (hospice)

David/Heather Wallace’s requestsScelee Youngblood (her grandmother in poor health)

Mike/Amber Wallace’s requests:  her father to have knee surgery


Newnan Christian School

Sale of Bethany House (pray for removal of all impediments)


 CancerBob Thompson (to continue chemo); Kathleen Hall; Lela Reece (Odessa Fields’ sister); Priscilla Johnson (Gail Johnson); Larry Eason (Jim Panepento); Aloe Filson (Pastor Anderson’s cousin’s wife); Jeff Worley (Burkharts); Tammy Stover’s cousin, Dillon (cancer in arm); Jerry Mayo (beginning experimental cancer treatments Oct 1); Libby (Cathy Winkley’s aunt); Mike Laster (Sam Millians); Mrs. Sweeney (Nancy Plowman); Beverly Anderson (Melissa  Hogan’s coworker); Joe Zujkowski (Sharon Murphy’s granddaughter’s husband); Ophelia Ellis (Andersons); Aarion Hughes’ aunt; Bill (Mike Toney’s neighbor); Ann Griffith (Judy Stallings’ sister-in-law, not doing well)

Expectant MothersAshley Thornton (K. Evans); Kristen Youngblood & Sarah Floyd (Floyds’ daughter, daughter-in-law)

MilitaryJohn Carney (missionary’s son); Ryan Collins; Matt Twitty, Mark Bruce (Kathy Evans); Scott Hudson, Heather Zujkowski (Sharon Murphy’s grandson, granddaughter); Jimmy Juby (Cathy Winkley’s nephew); Clint Driggers (Tammy Stover); James Pettus;  David Kasulas (Sam Millians)

College StudentsDaniel Burkhart, Dione Gould;  Joe Hogan, John Hogan, Caleb Plowman; Patricia Seegar,

Danielle Winkley, Jeremiah Winkley

General RequestsTrenton (Jenny Thompson’s son); Nancy Plowman’s family regarding her mother’s living

arrangements;   Sean Plowman and Patricia Seegar to wed in November; Bro. Colin Duncan’s radio broadcast; Lori Jackson (John Plowman’s missionary cousin in Ukraine, has had many of her friends killed); Mike Toney’s requests for his ministry and for Angel (recently saved) and Sergio; Danielle Winkley’s friend, Amber, w/family problems

Unspoken requestsPastor Anderson (2); Linda Anderson; Debbie Burkhart; Rebekah Burkhart (2); Ron Burkhart;  Wayne Cook; Colleen Dewey; Kathy Evans (2); Elizabeth Fields; Mark Hall; Sandra Mayo; Sam Millians; Teresa 

Millians;  Sharon  Murphy;  the Puertas;  Jim Panepento;  Nancy Plowman (2); Sean Plowman; Steve Shelley;   Tammy Stover;  Jenny Thompson; Amber Wallace; Bill Wallace; Roger Watson; Dwight Winkley (2); Cathy Winkley