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July 6, 2014


Jim Panepento—his friend, Rhonda Morgan, passed away—her husband, J.C., also suffered a heart attack

Sally Spivey—having serious back problems

Kathleen Hall—to have CAT scan the first of August

Judy Stallings—recovering from upper respiratory problems

Bob Thompson—will be taking chemotherapy through July

Sandra Mayo—suffering from severe arthritis pain

Ron Burkhart—last test counts went up from 67 to 73 at last visit to doctor

Ray Perkins—taking medication for a few months to correct his esophagus muscles



Tom Pearson—suffering from shoulder injury, surgery Wednesday

Pat Mayfield (Tom Pearson) - suffering from broken hip

Orlando Puertas—his mother w/dementia, his niece taking treatments

Julia Hall (BBC visitor) - recovering from surgery

Steven Noell—Sean Plowman’s co-worker’s father recovering from two emergency surgeries

Bro. Sam Burks—losing his eyesight

Dr. Dan Reed—suffering from Fabry’s Disease, having heart problems


Pastor/Linda Anderson’s requests:  Billy Filson (his uncle walking); Mary Ann Overby (his aunt w/physical problems)

Ron/Debbie Burkhart ‘s requestsher father (shortness of breath)

Rebekah Burkhart’s requestsMrs. Grogan (mother of her friend found to have brain disease, not given long to

          live);  Lauren (16-year-old daughter of her boss w/ hip surgery)

Larry/Colleen Dewey’s requestsNick Wetzbarger (her brother w/spiritual needs)

Colin/Evelyn  Duncan’s requestsReggie Duncan (his brother to have surgery in July; Evelyn suffering from

         pinched nerve; Gail Smith (recovering from cancer surgery); her niece’s mother-in-law, Joyce Stevenson,

         passed away; his house to sell 

David/Kathy Evans’ requestsJuanita Reese out of coma, responding; Ron (hospice called in) & Peggy Thornton

Robert/Melissa Hogan’s requestsKathy Miller (suffering from aneurysm); Donna Castleberry (needs strength)

Sandra Mayo - Gabe Mayo (recovering from  surgery)

Sam/Teresa Millians’ requests:  James Parr (her father w/ physical problems)

William/Sharon Murphy’s requests:   Billy Murphy (their son w/ physical problems);  her uncle, Bill, w/Alzheimer’s;

        Isaac Zujkowski (her great–grandson w/ Cerebral Palsy) 

John/Nancy Plowman’s requestsBetty Plowman (his mother fell, broke shoulder and arm); Molly Cassidy (his

         friend recovering from back surgery); Kayla Estes (in ICU w/MRSA); Lori Jackson (his cousin missionary in 

         Ukraine);  her mother w/ physical problems

Bernice Polanco’s requests:  Luis adjusting to pacemaker

Gail Rowlett’s requestsher uncle, J.D., w/blood clot; her sister, Janet, w/physical problems

Willis/Judy Stallings’ requests:  Leon Kaye (her brother-in-law to have pacemaker installed)

Tammy Stover’s requestsDean Northcutt (her father w/ health issues); Gerald & Lee Atkinson (phys problems)

Mike/Amber Wallace’s requests:  Morgan Hatcher (in hospital); Evalina Richards (his friend’s mother w/ kidney problems)

Roger/Shirley Watson’s requests:  Tyler (his grandson to have brain surgery this summer)

Dwight/Cathy Winkley’s requests:  Gail Gurger (his mother recovering from mini-stroke); Pam Bakos (friend in

        hospital w/ blood clot in lung and pneumonia; Ed Pickering (his friend w/ heart problems); Rachael Spink

        (his cousin possibly suffered a stroke)


Newnan Christian School

Sale of Bethany House (pray for removal of new impediments)


 CancerBob Thompson; Kathleen Hall; Phylis Oliver; Larry Perkins; Clay Saunders (Jenny Thompson’s father); Lela Reece, Billy Murphy (Odessa Fields’); Virginia Hornsby (Melissa Hogan);  Chris Edwards (John Plowman); Art Holbrook, Rose Harbeck (Mark Hall); Michelle Whitney, Courtney Geirston (Winkleys); Riley Speed (Sally Spivey); Priscilla Johnson (Gail Johnson); Mary Ann Bockman; Elizabeth Dietrich (Heather Wallace); Ray Norton, Tammy Wong, Jesse Burkhart (Burkharts); Carolyn Whittenburg  (Linda Anderson’); Herbie Williams (Shirley Watson); Linda Nix (Patricia Seegar); Sharon Enzulos, Lolly Holloway (Rebekah Burkhart’); Randy Umberger (Ken Clary’s son-in-law); Diane Lenn (Sally Spivey); Joshua Duncan (Colin Duncan); Larry Eason; Teresa (Sandra Mayo’s sister); Aloe Filson (Pastor Anderson’s cousin’s wife); Jeff Worley (Burkharts); Tammy Stover’s cousin, Dillon, cancer in leg

JobsDwight Winkley (needs work)

Expectant MothersAshley Thornton (Kathy Evans)

MilitaryJohn Carney (missionary’s son); Ryan Collins; Matt Twitty, Mark Bruce (Kathy Evans); Scott Hudson, Heather Zujkowski (Sharon Murphy’s grandson, granddaughter); Jimmy Juby (Cathy Winkley’s nephew); Clint Driggers (Tammy Stover); James Pettus;  David Kasulas (Sam Millians)

College StudentsDaniel Burkhart, Dione Gould; John Hogan, Caleb Plowman; Patricia Seegar, Danielle Winkley

General RequestsTrenton (Jenny Thompson’s son); Charles McWilliams;  Nancy Plowman’s family regarding her mother’s house;  Missionary Jacob Taube expelled from China; Robert Biddles (Kathy Evans); Mrs. Chalmers (met on visitation—a widow and just lost her son); Bill Listrum (Harvest Baptist Church)

Unspoken requestsRyan Fields; Amber Wallace, Mildred Denney; Jim Panepento, Sam Millians,  Dwight Winkley; Ken Clary; Mark Hall; Pastor Anderson (2); Kathy Evans (2); Tammy Stover;  John/Nancy Plowman;  Wayne Cook; Rebekah Burkhart (2); Elizabeth Fields; Colleen Dewey; Sarah Anderson; Becky Anderson, Sharon Murphy, Debbie Burkhart